Empowering persecuted Christians in hostile and restricted nations

We work at the sharp edge of Christian persecution in places such as North Korea, the Middle East, Africa, China and Central Asia, supporting churches and Christians persecuted for their faith.

We support the Church in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in hostile environments. We give the persecuted a voice; informing and mobilising Christians in New Zealand to stand with their persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ.

main purposes

The main purposes of the mission are based on Hebrews 13:3 

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them – those who are mistreated – since you yourselves are in the body also.”
Hebrews 13:3

We meet these purposes by:

Showing God's compassion:

Providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners.

Serving God's church:

Enabling them to survive persecution and its effects.

Speaking as advocates:

Being the voice of the martyrs and the persecuted.

Sharing God's love:

Helping the persecuted Church bring to Christ those who are opposed to the Gospel.

Spreading God's word:

Supplying Bibles and Christian literature to meet the need for growth and evangelism.

The main ways we help persecuted Christians

Supporting Families of Martyrs

Today Christians face persecution in about 40 countries. In many countries leaders and evangelists are imprisoned, leaving families without means of support. In countries such as Indonesia, Nigeria and Bangladesh, children from Christian families have lost both parents at the hands of radical Muslims. It is part of our ministry to provide shelter, safe houses, schooling or relocation to a safer area.

Supporting Frontline Ministry and Pastor Training in Hostile and Restricted Nations

In several countries, VOM provides intensive training schools for pastors and evangelists. These methods are used because official Bibles Colleges are forbidden. Our work involves distributing shortwave radios and media players for spiritual nourishment and leadership training. We give monthly support to hundreds of pastors and evangelists. Christian leaders in restricted nations receive literature, motorcycles, medicine, housing protection in “safe houses” and other support through contributions by supporters of Voice of the Martyrs. Donations to the Equipping the Persecuted Church Fund will go towards this.

Providing Bicycles and Motorcycles to Help Mobilise the Gospel

In Vietnam, we purchase bicycles and motorbikes to assist Christian leaders to travel around and to minister to their congregations. In Cuba, we have purchased horses for the same purpose; and in Afghanistan, bicycles. One Vietnamese lay worker can make pastoral visits to around 600 homes in a week using a bicycle provided by the generous help of VOM supporters! You can help provide vital transportation through the Frontline Workers/Equipping the Persecuted Church Fund.

Supplying Bibles and Literature to Help Get the Gospel Out

In restricted nations possessing a Bible is a criminal offence, yet believers are desperate to have God’s Word. Voice of the Martyrs directs funds into translation work, printing, and distribution of Bibles, New Testaments, teaching materials, commentaries, evangelical posters, books, charts, song books and other Christian literature. This wide range of literature identifies the areas of most need and covers many nations and languages. Gifts from supporters are used to expand this vital ministry through the Bibles and Christian literature fund.

Providing Prisoner Support and Advocacy

The test of time proves that advocacy works. VOM is involved in prison visits where it is possible, and also visit the prisoner’s family in order to bring encouragement and comfort. VOM encourages our supporters to engage in letter writing for the Christian prisoners. Your direct advocacy through letters written to the government officials or prisoners also helps to make a difference in the treatment of prisoners of faith and raises the voice of the persecuted.

Providing Medical Care for Injured Believers through VOM Medical

VOM Medical coordinates medical aid for Christians suffering injury from physical attacks. We have performed surgeries in Pakistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Nigeria – a work that spans 10 time zones. Launched in 2002, this programme is expanding with additional participation of volunteer doctors and various VOM international offices. You can help injured Christians through VOM Medical.


We believe that the lives and testimonies of persecuted Christians should be a vital part of the fellowship of all believers and can challenge and strengthen the faith of God’s people everywhere. Through our network of inter-denominational missions we support our suffering brothers and sisters in restricted nations through key projects like those above. You can join us and help empower persecuted Christians in hostile and restricted nations.


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