As people around the world struggle to adapt to the global challenge of COVID-19, the burden is far greater for the persecuted and oppressed. Below are some instances where Christians face increased difficulties because of their faith. Christians are also frequently neglected when humanitarian aid is distributed. In Pakistan, organisations have been providing food aid to those hit hard by the lockdown. However, on more than one occasion, when people show their identification to receive this provision, they have been refused unless they are Muslim. In an attempt to stem the spread of the virus, Indian authorities have ordered everyone to return to their home villages. Many of India’s Christians are among the poorest segments of the population. For huge numbers of migrant labourers, this has left them without food or shelter. In slums where large families are packed together in small shelters, the concept of “social distancing” is impossible. Similar problems are being experienced in refugee camps around the world, such as the case concerning Syrian and Iraqi refugees who are now in Lebanon. Please PRAY for your persecuted family who are suffering. Donations to our COVID 19 Fund will help buy them food, water, medicines and pay for temporary accommodation.
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