Be a

Church Rep

Are you passionate about the Persecuted Church?

Would you like to become a Voice of the Martyrs Church Rep?

Even in church, many people are not aware of what is is happening to our persecuted brothers & sisters.

We would love to partner with you to change this.

What is a
VOM Church Rep?

A church rep is a highly valued & supported volunteer member of the Voice of the Martyrs team.

They are committed to letting their church communities know about what is happening to our persecuted brothers and sisters.

How VOM will support you to be a voice for the persecuted church?

A member of our team will get in touch with you bi-monthly or quarterly to encourage, up-date and help you strategise ways to effectively bring awareness of the persecuted Church.

You’ll be amongst the first to know about up-coming VOM events and initiatives that your church can take part in.

Initiatives we can support you in doing:

There is no set way to be a church rep, so you can tailor it to your strengths, availability and be creative in what you do. 

Find out more by emailing

Please note: That you must be in New Zealand to become a Church Rep


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