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Hearts of Fire Virtual Event

January 2024

If you missed our Hearts of Fire online event in September, you can still view the testimonies of these incredible faithful woman of God. We are making it available FREE during January.

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Gracia Burnham

Held hostage for 376 days by Islamic extremists

Anita Smith

Publicly forgave her husband’s killer after he was martyred in Libya

Helen Burhane

Imprisoned in a shipping container for 32 months in Eritrea

Susanna Koh

Went to Bible college in NZ, and whose husband was abducted in Malaysia

Worship Music with

Michael W. Smith

Be inspired this summer! Hear the testimonies of costly faith from four courageous women!

Voice of the Martyrs presents Hearts of Fire – a virtual event where you’ll meet four courageous women who showed incredible commitment to Christ in the face of opposition. This special event is FREE! Hear these inspiring testimonies of costly faith, plus worship from Michael W. Smith.

  • Gracia Burnham was held captive in the Philippines.
  • Anita Smith’s husband was martyred in Libya.
  • Helen Berhane was imprisoned in Eritrea.
  • Susanna Koh’s husband was abducted in Malaysia.


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Learn about opportunities to support widows of Christian martyrs globally! 

Runtime ~ 1hr 45m


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