International Day of Prayer

Join us in prayer with Christians around the world on Sunday, 5 November for IDOP; the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This special day is set aside to come together in prayer on behalf of persecuted Christians who stand as a bold witness for Christ on the world’s most dangerous mission frontiers.

Each year, VOM produces free resources to help us grow in fellowship with our persecuted Christian family members around the world.

This year’s IDOP video, Sejun: Nepal, tells the story of a Nepali boy’s journey from life in a Buddhist monastery as a preschooler to finding new hope in Christ.

You and your family, group, class or church can experience meaningful worship by watching this short video and then praying for our Christian brothers and sisters who are willing to pay any price to see Buddhists set free by the power of the gospel.

The first request of persecuted Christians is always,

“Please pray for us!"

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