Sometimes the best gift can be a practical one

Bless persecuted brothers and sisters or help outreach in restricted areas through gifts like soft toys for children, reading glasses, or even mini-parachutes to help drop Bibles and materials in the jungles of South America.


Teddy Bears

800x600 Teddys

What do teddy bears have to do with the persecuted Church?

Great question! – Simple handmade teddy bears like these are taken along by our NZ-based workers who visit restricted nations and persecuted Christians regularly. They make great little gifts for children who have faced hardship and terror for their family’s faith in Christ.

New Zealand supporters can help provide these little armfuls of hope by simply buying or even knitting their own and sending them to our office in Christchurch. Email us to learn more and get involved.

Parachutes for Colombia

800x600 Colombia ParachuteOne of our VOM partners flies a plane over the deep jungles of Colombia and simultaneously drops parachutes out his window.

Attached to a heavy-duty plastic bag, these parachutes float to the ground, delivering a Bible, other Christian literature and, sometimes, a shortwave radio pre-tuned to Christian stations, into the hands of villagers and FARC guerrillas alike. While outsiders cannot easily make it in, the saving message of Jesus Christ is permeating Colombia’s darkness.

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