A Faith to Die for: Believing God in the Face of Armed and Angry Mobs


Author(s): Mark Geppert

How can you face death squarely while experiencing an absolute absence of fear? You can if you have hope. You can if you have traveled from Guatemala to Kiev to Beijing and seen God restoring hope in the midst of hopeless situations. Recounting his journey from captivity in Aceh, Indonesia, to freedom, Mark Geppert reveals the reality of knowing a God who never fails us or forsakes us. Mark’s incredible testimony is one of belief, action, purpose, and a step-by-step growth of faith.

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ISBN : 9781603748919
Publisher : Whitaker House
Imprint : Whitaker House
Weight (g) : 0.254
Publication date : September 2013
Dimensions : 230mm X 153mm X 10mm
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Author : Mark Geppert
Bind : Paperback / softback
Pages : 175

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