Eyes of the Tailless Animals


Author(s): Sun-Ok Yi

Prison Memoirs of a North Korean Woman

On October 26, 1986, a North Korean woman named Soon Ok Lee was enjoying a peaceful morning at work in Communist North Korea when she was summoned outside. She did not return to her family that night. Instead, she was taken to prison where she endured six years of inhumane treatment for refusing to satisfy the greed of a government officer. Witnessing the executions of Christians in prison, Soon Ok Lee could not understand why they stubbornly refused to yield to the government’s demands to deny Christ. She later came to understand after escaping to South Korea where she found the Lord. She writes: “At the moment the officer announced my release in front of the prisoners, the eyes of all six thousand ‘tailless animals’ stared at me. Their eyes were pleading, ‘When you get out of prison, be a witness for us.’” Don’t miss her overcoming story of courage in one of the most tightly controlled nations of the world.

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Find out about Life in North Korea
… from the persepective of someone who had a priviledged position
… from someone who was a prisoner in the labour camp system

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ISBN : 9780882643359
Publisher : Living Sacrifice Books
Imprint : Living Sacrifice Book Co.
Publication date : January 1999
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Author : Sun-Ok Yi
Bind : Paperback
Dewey classification : 365/.45/092 B
Pages : 155