Our current appeals help support urgent needs or strategic projects on the field that VOM NZ has direct involvement with.

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Emergency Fund for Pakistan

In August 2023 violence in Jaranwala, Pakistan was sparked by claims that two Christian men had torn pages from a copy of the Quran.

Thousands, in angry mobs, attacked hundreds of believer’s homes as they took shelter in factories, open fields, and other nearby villages. 21 churches were also damaged or set on fire. A woman named Sonam, fled with her three children just before the area was attacked. “We just left without dressing,” she said. “We picked up our small children and just ran.” Over 350 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and thankfully – there are no casualties. Rioters sprinkled petrol and burned household items and furniture in the streets.

VOM partners in Pakistan are actively working with the local church and Christian communities in the worst affected areas, to assist families with bedding , food, shelter and prayer. With your help , we can provide emergency relief for families as they try to rebuild their lives.

Ukraine Aid

Supporting persecuted believers, frontline workers and other Ukrainian partners who preach the Gospel, evacuate people from the war zones, bring aid to towns and villages devastated by the war, host IDPs, and minister to the victims of war. Aid includes providing food, medicine, hygienic items, power generators, transportation, and accommodation.

Christmas Blessing

Buy a Christmas gift for children of persecuted Christian families

Each year, Voice of the Martyrs distributes Christmas blessing packs to ensure many children in restricted nations receive a gift at Christmas. Children of persecuted families can be particularly vulnerable to discrimination, harassment and bullying. In restricted nations, persecution often brings poverty and hardship so parents of persecuted children are unable to provide gifts at this special time of year.

Each child will receive items tailored to their specific country – Eg a backpack, children’s Bible or storybook, clothing, school supplies, a toy, hygiene items.

Contents are sourced locally and the packs are distributed by VOM frontline workers.

Help for Afghanistan

After the withdrawal of the US military the Taliban has overrun the country and this has caused many expatriates and Afghans to flee the country.

VOM is specifically working to extract a number of Christian families and church leaders who are now finding their movements impeded due to the many Taliban checkpoints operating within the country. 

As time is of the essence we need your prayers and support to move rapidly in an effort to save their lives. Followers of Jesus Christ — our brothers and sisters — live in every province of Afghanistan. They know that in the eyes of the Taliban they are infidels who deserve death.

If you would like to donate specifically to our work with Christian families inside Afghanistan, please use the following code: 95.465


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