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A Land Without Evil

A Land Without Evil

Author(s): Benedict Rogers

The gentle Karen, a tribe in Burma's eastern regions, call their country "a land without evil". They number between four and five million, and have been fighting for half a century to keep their land and identity. Many - at least 40 per cent - are Christians, and have suffered particularly harsh treatment. Burma today, and Karen State in particular, is a land torn apart by evil. It is a land ruled by a regime which took power by force, ignored the will of the people in an election, and survives by creating a climate of fear. It is a land terrorised by a military regime which to this day perpetrates a catalogue of crimes against humanity. It takes people for forced labour, uses villagers as human minesweepers, captures children and forces them to become soldiers, systematically rapes ethnic minority women, and burns down villages and crops. It is a regime which has killed thousands of people in the ethnic minority areas. This compassionate but unflinching account of the Karen's predicament is an important step in galvanising Western opinion about this ongoing act of genocide.

A heart-wrenching portrayal of an ethnic people's plight and the worldwide apathy toward their suffering.

The book tells the history of the Karen people but is focused on the suffering of all the people of Burma.


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"[This] searing account of the atrocities in Burma lifts the lid off our ignorance and leaves us without excuse. How we respond will be the measure of our faith and our humanity." —Os Guinness, Senior Fellow, The Trinity Forum

This book has been described by a former Time journalist as one that “should be read by every responsible citizen claiming to espouse the principles of global justice”. Lord Alton, a former Liberal Democrat, called it “a first hand account of suffering and bravery – written by someone who has regularly put his own life on the line”.

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Ben Rogers is a freelance journalist and human rights campaigner who currently lives in Washington, DC, where he is setting up the Christian Solidarity Worldwide American base. Ben has visited the Karen people on both sides of the Thai-Burmese border six times since 2000. From 1997 until 2002, Ben worked as a journalist in Hong Kong. He has also worked in East Timor and China. He has an MA in China Studies from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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ISBN : 9781854246462
Publisher : Lion Hudson Plc
Imprint : Monarch Books
Publication date : April 2004
Dimensions : 197mm X 127mm
Produced in : United Kingdom
Product Type : books

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Author : Benedict Rogers
Bind : Paperback
Dewey classification : 959.105
Pages : 256
Illustrations : black & white illustrations


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