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India: Restricted Nations

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India: Restricted Nations

Throughout history, India's Christians have been well-aquainted with opposition to the gospel message, from Brahmin priests to colonial powers to Muslim invaders. And those who suffered for Christ are just as varied, be it one of Christ's disciples, Jesuit priests, Indian nationals, a rajah, or foreign missionaries

Today, India's Christians still face persecution. Those who have left Hinduism and their caste-less social standing are being targeted. Such a disruption of the Hindu social order has led fanatics to force them to return to a life subservient to their gods and the higher castes. Some have returned to Hinduism. Others have not

Despite times of misplaced ministry priorities and setbacks from western powers, the body of Christ wrote these tales of triumph with their very lives. Risking loss of possessions, torture, imprisonment and even death, their tales of glory will continue to be written until Christ returns. When you read this compressed narrative of India's persecuted past and present, ask yourself if you could echo the words of Thomas, martyred in India: "Let us also go, that we may die with Him" (John 11:16)


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