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The Pastor’s Wife

Author(s): Sabina Wurmbrand
Co-founder of The Voice Of The Martyrs

In 1949, when Soviet propaganda was asserting that free Christian worship was being tolerated behind the Iron Curtain, the Communists arrested Pastor Richard Wurmbrand in Romania for secret Christian activities.

The Pastor's Wife is Sabina Wurmbrand's true story of her efforts to get her husband released, her subsequent imprisonment and, above all, her unceasing efforts to help build a Christian Underground Church in restricted areas around the world.

For the truth is that the Communists to this day cannot tolerate genuine Christianity, and are still executing or imprisoning underground Christians. This is the urgent message of The Pastors Wife.

"Get your clothes on!" We had to dress in front of six men, as they trampled over our things, From time they shouted out, as if to encourage each other to keep up the meaningless search." "So you won't tell us where the arms are hidden! We'll tear this place apart!" I said, "The only weapon we have in this house is here," and picked up the Bible from under their feet. Bullneck roared, "You"re coming with us to make a full statement about those arms!" I laid the Bible on the table and said, "Please allow us a few moments to pray. Then I'll go with you."


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