Help spread the message about the persecuted Church – in your church! Invite one of our dynamic VOM NZ representatives to literally be a voice for the martyrs to your church this year. VOM presentations include gripping commentary and stories of the persecuted, accompanied by unforgettable images from the people and places we minister in.

Contact us today to book a VOM presentation at your church or event this year.

Voice of the Martyrs NZ

SHARE ONLINE: Be an Advocate for the Persecuted Online

Be a digital advocate for the persecuted by simply sharing stories online with your social networks!

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, then you’re already prepared to raise awareness of the persecuted amongst your friends online.

It’s simple to do, and effective. Just keep track of what’s being updated here on, or on our Facebook page or other social media profiles, then share, like, or comment on the content that impacts you personally. You don’t need to spam your friends with posts, just let them know that you’re passionate about supporting persecuted Christians. It all helps.

Voice of the Martyrs NZ



You can help amplify the voice of the persecuted by assisting us at Christian events and conferences around New Zealand. Contact us for upcoming events in your area.

Your Events

Do you know of an event in your area that you could represent the persecuted Church at? We can’t be at every church conference or event, but our volunteers can. Contact us with the name, location, and date of the event and we can supply you with banners, posters and other materials for you to share the stories of the persecuted at your event.


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