Hearts Of Fire


Voice of the Martyrs – 

“Either you marry or you die… if you are Christian, then there is no place for you in this city… you will die here alone.”

Tara’s father’s parting words brought only one thought to the mind of the sixteen year old girl – she must escape for her life. Beaten to the brink of death, Tara – the daughter of a prominent Pakistani Muslim – was locked in her room as a prisoner without food or medical attention, all because she was caught with a Bible. Tara’s story is not unique among these eight courageous women in Hearts of Fire. From the young Vietnamese girl who turns down freedom in order to evangelise the people of her Communist homeland, to the Australian missionary who spread the message of forgiveness and healing across India after her husband and sons were burned alive by village zealots, these women have overcome extreme adversity to emerge as leaders and ministers in the underground church around the world. This book brings you the true stories of courageous women, heroines of the faith, who are representatives of the countless women facing similar situations around the world. These role models of faith and passion will inspire you to pursue Christ with a heart aflame, no matter what the cost.

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